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Wide range of successful projects by the Woohoo Media magicians.

Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising first started in 1835 and has been around ever since. Using the billboard advertising service is a fantastic way for putting your message in front of the public as they commute to college, work etc. Billboards are seen in thousands of locations across the UK and are very difficult to avoid them. They are seen in cities, shopping centres, airports and many other places.


Bus Shelter Advertising

Bus shelter advertising is an excellent way to promote your business. Many people commute to work, schools etc via bus transport and this can be an excellent opportunity to give awareness to your business.


Digital Screen Advertising

We offer a digital screen advertising service, which is an excellent way to give awareness to your business brand. This opportunity allows you to place your advert on our digital screens which are located in West Yorkshire, Bradford. We have different packages which you can choose from that suits your requirements. For more information please contact our team.


Petrol Pump Advertising

Do you want your business to be heard?, want to advertise in a busy location which is used 24/7, 365 days a year. Petrol pump nozzle is an excellent way to give awareness to your brand since it can't be missed while filling up your vehicle at the petrol station.


Phone Box Advertising

When was the last time you used a phone box to make a call? Cant remember? Phone boxes have been taken over by mobile phones but they still a good way to advertise your business. Your advert will be placed on the outside of the phone box which can be seen by the public passing by either walking or on road transport. They are usually located in areas of  high population such as high streets, pedestrianised areas and busy roads throughout the UK.


TV Advertising

Want to target a large audience? Want to start a TV campaign? Get in touch with our team for packages and more information. This service is not available at the moment, coming soon later this year.



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